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About us

Ash Glebe Informatics Ltd are an Irish company formed in 2015 in Co. Kildare, Ireland. We specialise in providing solutions to data management, data visualisation and knowledge extraction/management problems for individuals, businesses and organisations. We have over a decade of experience in research and development of scientific data analysis, management, visualisation and research.

Central to the work of Ash Glebe Informatics is the use of open source software and industry accepted approaches to data management, visualisation and analysis. With these approaches Ash Glebe Informatics can work with you or your organisation to develop robust, reliable and industry standard solutions.

What can we do for you?

Ash Glebe Informatics Ltd offer a wide number of informatics services. And if what you are looking for is not there please contact us and let us see if we can help!

Data Management

Working with data of all types, kinds and sizes is our speciality. Data is very often the most important asset an organisation or company owns. Ash Glebe Informatics can work with you to develop industry standard software solutions to your data management requirements. These solutions include: database design and development, metadata management, real-time data capture, real-time data analysis and visualisation

Web Design and Development

Do you need a website designed? A upgrade to your existing website or a brand new website from scratch? Or perhaps you need to add some new technologies or features to your existing web presence. Ash Glebe Informatics have expertise in using modern web technologies to assist companies and organisations in designing high impact, industry standard and extendible websites.


Ash Glebe Informatics Ltd provide a range of photographic services. These include: sports event photography, wedding day and engagement photography, vehicle fleet photography and special family occasions. We also offer a range of after event services such as photographic editing, printing, storage of images in Cloud storage systems, etc

Data and Knowledge Consultancy

Ash Glebe Informatics offer data and knowledge consultancy services. Is your company or organisations having problems with management of your data and information resources? We can provide you with consultancy services where we can understand your precise requirements in terms of data and information resource management in your company or organisations. We can assist you in understanding what technologies are most suitable to your requirements and how these can fit with your IT infrastructure, staff and other requirements.

Our Skills

At Ash Glebe Informatics Ltd we have a very wide range of skills and proficiencies developed over our ten years working in the ICT Industry. Our focus at Ash Glebe Informatics is on the use of Free and Open Source Software combined with industry standard APIs, protocols and guidelines from ICT. However we work with our clients to research, design, development and implement the best solution for their needs, resources and infrastructure.

Python Programming:

Using Python for all types of tasks such as: data analysis, data and information visualisation and knowledge extraction, data and information QA/QC, real-time data capture, query, display and storage. Python is a very flexible programming language with very extensive support.

Database Design and Development

We have experience with most modern RDMS including: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc

Web site development and web-based programming:

Extensive experience in this area. Please talk to us about your specific requirements. We have experience, not limited to: PHP programming, Javascript (JQuery, Angular.js), web frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, web-based mapping using Leaflet and OpenLayers, content management systems such as Wordpress

Metadata and Information Management:

We would love to hear your specific requirements in this area. We have extensive experience in metadata management with standards such as Dublin Core and the European INSPIRE Directive. We also have extensive skills and working experience in Open Data and Open Standards

Get in touch

We are ready to talk to you! Please get in touch with so we can begin to work with you and making your data and information blossom, grow and work for you! We are happy to discuss your requirements informally at first.

Postal Address

Ash Glebe Informatics Ltd
12 Glebe Court
Co. Kildare
P: (+353)(87) 296-33-18


Email Peter at the address below. We'll get back to you as soon as we can so that we can begin making your data and information blossom, grow and work for you! Please include as much information as possible in you initial communication so that we can hit the ground running in our conversation.